How Not to Get Tricked When Talking to Women Online

It’s been said that internet is a scary place because when we’re talking to someone, unless there’s a video chat involved, there’s no way of knowing for sure who they are or even if they’re who they say they are. Often, older men talking to younger women online are already at a disadvantage simply for being who they are. There are many women out there who think it’s creepy that a slightly older man would be talking to them and won’t talk to them in the first place, and unfortunately this is a mentality that you might run into a lot if you’re a 30-something on the hunt for a cute 20-something to have on your arm or in your bed. In addition to this rather judgmental mentality, there’s a sad fact of life even worse than that: some women (usually younger women) try and trick well-meaning men. Be wary of scams on hookup sites – they can be annoying, embarrassing and in a worst-case scenario, even potentially dangerous.

Don’t Assume You’re Being Tricked


“Don’t lose a chance of having a meaningful relationship”

It is both rude and incorrect to give the impression that whenever a younger women is talking to a man, she is trying to trick him – that is not the case, and to believe so is going to get you nowhere with your attempt to get laid or start a relationship because it’s not only a stereotype, it doesn’t apply to everyone and being afraid that it will happen to you every time you try and talk to a cute girl will just lead to you being distrusting and skittish. You want to be confident, but you want to be aware of the sad fact of the matter though is that it does occasionally happen, and while you’re looking for the perfect girl to hook up with, you need to be aware of warning signs that could indicate your potential partner might just be using you because she believes she could get something out of the deal.

Look Out For Scams


“Spot the scams by understanding the red flags”

One of the most common hookup site scams is a girl that you’ve developed a good relationship with blatantly asking you for money. Say that you met a girl and started talking to her and you develop a good relationship and seem to have a good connection, and over the course of a few weeks you come to know the state of each other’s lives. She might message you one day and say that she’s in a terrible situation – she lost her job, her check didn’t come in the mail like she thought it would, her small business is floundering and she can’t make rent, or pay her cell phone bill. Women that use this to scam men will follow this detailed list of troubles and trials with a comment like “If only I had someone who could loan me money…” or in some cases, an outright request for you to send her the money. Now, if you like her and want a chance to have a relationship with her, you’ll be really tempted to send her the money she needs as soon as possible to keep her taken care of. You should be careful when doing that, though –it could be a way of trying to get money out of you. Think about it, rent in a one-bedroom apartment is at least $500, and a car payment somewhere around $350-$400, a cell phone bill anywhere from $80-$120. Meaning that if she says she needs money to help with one or all of those things, you’re going to be set back quite a large amount of money until she pays you back. Sadly, there have been cases in the past where this kind of scam happens on a hookup site – a kind man who wants to help a nice, beautiful woman has sent the money to her to help her and waited to be paid back, only to not receive the money in return and, as if to add insult to injury, when he signs on and tries to message her, she’s nowhere to be found. If you’ve only been talking to a girl for a week or two, no matter how interested you are in her, you probably shouldn’t go off sending her huge amounts of your paycheck.

Look Out for the Criminals


“Criminals are searching for girls to scam – beware!”

Another common issue that falls into the category of hookup scams perpetrated on dating sites is not only upsetting, it can also be extremely dangerous, and while it is rare that situations like it are seen with the girl as the offending party rather than a man trying to lure the girl in, it has been known to happen where the man is the victim. Some women will take the time to talk to a man for weeks, even months in order to build a good relationship with them and have the type of trust that will someday facilitate a possible meeting. When you go to meet up with the woman, though, she might end up being into something a little more criminal than hooking up with you. Be careful that you don’t end up drugged, robbed or mugged, stranded in a possibly unfamiliar city with your wallet missing, your hopes crushed and your faith in humanity completely taken away.

Avoid Money Talk


“Don’t talk about money and save yourself from getting scammed”

The best way to avoid these types of scams is to avoid talking about money altogether. Stay clear of these online dating scams by reading more about hornymatches scam. The hookup site scams always target people for their money. But, it won’t be too much of a problem, hopefully, since it’s not a good idea to list how much money you make on any part of your profile on a dating or hookup site. It gives off the impression that you think money is one of the only things that matters, and also gives off the impression that you have a very overly-inflated sense of self importance and that perceived arrogance will be a turn-off to the kinds of women that you want and will only attract the types of women who will only be interested in you because you make a lot of money. If you don’t bring up money to a potential partner and they’re the type of person who believes that a connection is more important than the numbers on your paycheck (the kind of person you want!), chances are they won’t bring it up either, and avoiding talking about money is easily the best way to avoid scams from online hookup sites.
It’s up to you to be aware of the fact that these types of things can unfortunately happen and to know how to be wary of them. It sounds like the same, tired saying you’ve heard before – be aware of who you’re talking to and don’t give out too much personal information to someone you don’t know – but it’s true. The same goes for talking to anyone on an online hookup site; you don’t want to fall victim to any of these scams and end up looking like a fool or maybe even end up getting hurt. Don’t let this awareness of the possible dangers of any hookup scams deter you – there are plenty of women out there who are honest and will be interested in you without any ulterior motives. Just don’t try and go for the girl whose username on every dating site is “golddigger4lyfe” and chances are, you’ll be fine!

Scam Diaries: Tales of Win and Woe

When you’re looking to get laid you aren’t thinking about getting hit with scams and bad deals. You’re on a dating site to meet ladies, after all, not to navigate hostile waters with your credit card information. One of the most troublesome things about dating online is the prevalence of scam sties that exist only to make a buck off of you. There are numerous kinds of personals site scams out there, and the sites themselves aren’t the only things to worry about anymore.

These days a lot of people (not just chicks) have gotten it into their minds that lonely dudes are good for a quick scam. These people know all of the tricks to pull and all of the things to say to get your hard earned money out of your wallet. Just recently on the news were the mother and daughter pair in Colorado who scammed people out of their money and earned lengthy jail terms for it.

We’re going to walk you through some of the most common scams and tell you stories about how to not get caught in them. There are many more scams than the ones that we talk about and new ones are coming out all the time. The only thing that you can really do to protect yourself is keep your wits about you and use your logic brain before your sex brain.

Advertisement Jungle


“Don’t click on the ads”

This kind of scam is pretty tame as far as intent goes. The way that sites make money these days is by selling advertisement space to retailers. The sites get paid by how many people look at these ads or how many clicks the ads get. There doesn’t have to be any real money payoff for these ads to get value for a site. You’ll notice that a lot of these ads are pop-ups that have the exit button moved to some strange place on the window. By accidentally clicking the wrong button you’ve just awarded the scam site for annoying you.

One of the best ways to see if your dating site of choice is just a personal scam site in disguise is to make use of browser ad-block add-ons. If your site isn’t legit you will notice that the higher up you crank the blocking the more things will go away. If you employ ad-block and end up staring at a mostly blank page then you’re not looking at the real deal. There are also a lot of these scam sites that refuse to load at all if you’re using ad-block technology. They go so far as to say “disable ad-block to allow the site to load”. Don’t be fooled by this and move along to another site.

Sneaky Credit Card Snatching


“Don’t give out credit card information”

You’ve been surfing the web long enough to know that most of the personal site scams start with a “enter your credit card number” line. The problem with these is that they’ve gotten a lot more effective than they were when they started out and they are so common that we think we know how to “outsmart them”. What they do is very simple, they offer you a free trial for a period of time, say a month, and allow you to opt-out at any time. The only requirement is that they have your credit card information on file before they give you anything “for free”.

Don’t be fooled by this; once you have given up your credit card number, you are PAYING for a service. If you think hopping online and cancelling your membership is going to be easy, think again. These pages are often broken and require you to call a number to talk to someone in an office that is open for approximately .15 hours three days out o the week. These sites have also mastered the “make triple sure” method of scams. You will think that you have clicked “I’m sure” and then closed out of the site never to return. What you didn’t see is the double check and the triple check that many sites employ as a tactic to keep your card number and your money. If a site wants your card information NEVER give it out.

The False Girl


“Friendly girls wearing a cloak of flirting – beware!”

Bad ads and credit card snatching are bad enough. What other sites do to keep your money is even worse. In the club world they call it stacking the table or priming the pump. Basically, club managers go out and offer hot babes everything from free drinks to cold hard cash to hang out at their establishments. These babes are paid to be friendly and flirty and keep you thinking that they are interested, only to blow you off at the end of the night. Sure, they’re just doing their job, but you don’t know any better. You’ve been made a fool of and you don’t even remember how much money you spent on drinks.

The people responsible for personal site scams took a page right out of the night club manager’s book and they hire models and actresses to draw dudes to their sites. We aren’t talking about cam girl sites either. Those make it very plain that you’re dealing with a model and not a girl who could date you. The scam sites, however, don’t make that distinction. Instead they host these cam girls right up with the real women who are available to date you. You’ve got no way of knowing what you’re dealing with until the moment comes and they’re charging you for their services.

Shady Ladies


“She’s looking for her next prey – you don’t want to be one”

Now we’re talking about the Colorado case. Forget about personal site scams, these women took it to a whole new level and got what they deserved. These women ARE real and that’s where the danger is. They’re going to tell you about what’s going on with their lives and you’re going to start feeling for them. Many of these scam artists will even meet up with you for dates or sex just to make you feel comfortable. The sheer TIME that they dedicate to tricking some dude out of his hard earned money is amazing.

They start like any other dating site meeting. You’ll exchange emails and they’ll look forward to meeting you. Then you go on a date and you’re, of course, expected to pay. This is no big deal, we like treating girls and it’s not like one dinner is going to break the bank. However, during the dinner she may reveal some sort of big thing that is bothering her, complete with tears. Usually it’s something about a sick parent, but we’ve heard of a chick faking cancer to extort money from a dude she was dating. Some of these women do not have any shame.

We’re not saying don’t believe anyone. What we are saying is that before you give money to anyone you better make sure that they are legit. Similarly for websites, trust the reviews that are for real. Find this list of the top adult personals dating sites and make yourself aware of personals site scams. If you are hell bent on getting a pretty girl that look like a con artist, we would suggest that you know them for a while and never give them more than you can afford to give them. If you’re going to put yourself out to help a chick, make sure that she knows it. If she’s a scam artist she’ll accept anyway, most up and up girls are going to refuse your help. Lastly, it goes without saying, unless you’re ready to make a huge commitment to a chick, NEVER give her a credit card of yours or your bank account information.

How The Live Cam Industry Recruits New Women To Join Their Ranks: Exposed!


“Recruiting new blood in the industry”

“Recruiting new blood in the industry”

You do not just make easy money working from home or from a studio as a webcam model. Getting employed for sexually explicit media is something that does not require great skills, but you should be pretty, if not beautiful, and should have the courage to do things that people do not normally do in the open. Working in the adult industry is a job that brings a lot of money, but it is very difficult to say if adult film actresses and live cam chat models can openly speak with pride about their job. However, there are some basic facts about this industry that are work considering, especially the recruiting mechanics employed by employers in this business to get the best talent. It is work noting that it would actually be something utterly daring to speak with certitude about facts. We can only speculate and work with limited data supplied by those who are courageous enough to cooperate with researchers. As Kayden Kross, the award winning adult film actress once stated, those who work in the pornographic industry are not so comfortable cooperating with researchers as they feel that the information they give out could be used against them by anti pornographic activists.

The Dilemma about Adult Industry

“It’s never easy to make that choice”

“It’s never easy to make that choice”

It is no secret that adult industry is amongst the lucrative businesses in the world, but it is one that is hardly discussed openly. Those who discuss the industry do so, most often, in a very biased way. Some paint a very dark picture of those working in this industry, which makes it even difficult to get facts related to the industry as those who are directly involved do not feel safe discussing their career with researchers. Nonetheless, everyone gets interested with pornographic topics. The least known actor who steers in an adult movie immediately gets attention for the public and becomes the subject of much talk. Those who cannot admit publicly that they get webcams with the highest live cam ratings just to interact with chat models. It would do porn stars and those working in the adult industry a lot of good if this subject were discussed without any bias, and with objectivity.

Who Work for the Adult Industry

One of the factors that make adult industry a thriving one is money. Even if pleasure does have a place in this business, most of those using these live cams with the best live cam ratings are looking for money. There are many ways to get money, and sex is not the only path that models could consider. The industry is thriving on the despair of those who are desperately in need of money and those who want to make quick money. Poor women who have great looks can feel like losing nothing working as live cam models. And yes, you can work as a live cam model without ever experiencing sex. Such can be a situation of someone who works as a freelancer from home. The money is attractive, and if you have good looks and can master the sensuous dialogue of your body, learn the dirty language in the trade and get the right connections then you can be sure of making thousands of dollars per week. Some studios pay up to $150 per hour, a salary that is hard to get in other professions. The question is: does every live cam model earn that much? The answer is no. You’ll need to work pretty hard and locate an honest and reputable agency to make that kind of money.

The Lies about Employment: Exploitation

“They lie to you about the job”

“They lie to you about the job”

There are porn sites that offer you a category named “exploited teens.” This makes one ask the question: does every woman who enters into adult industry give her full consent? It would be very difficult to think that a woman will pose on live webcams without assuming full responsibility of what he or she is doing. There are situations where women are manipulated to become adult actors and actresses. People who are desperate for money can trust anything, even the devil, and they are vulnerable to internet scams. A women who wants to work as a fashion model can get frustrated after getting many rejections and when she stumbles on a live chat offer, will say “yes.” It is the dream of many beautiful women to work as professional models, but not all of them make it. Some recruiters pretend to hire professional models for fashion and collect information from interested candidates. The young women are often very eager to get the job, so eager that they can do anything. They are ready to make sacrifices to be where they have always wanted to be. They are manipulated into drinking and using drugs, and posing nude for pictures until they become comfortable with it. In desperate moments, some are ready to have a short clip for few thousands of dollars. Some aren’t even aware that they are posing on pictures that will later be used on porn sites or transmitted through webcams with the best live cam ratings.

Some Promises Live Cam companies make to New Recruits

“Don’t get manipulated by the Industry”

“Don’t get manipulated by the Industry”

Manipulation starts when live cam recruiters spot the woman’s dire need for money or her big dream to become a model. First off, the job description is not always clear. Fake recruiters will tell you there is nothing that will violate your sexuality, no sex, no nude pictures (and yes, there are live cam models who never get nude on their webcams), but this is not always the case. Women who are exploited are often made promises like they would feature in certain magazines, model for such and such products, and get a huge amount of money. Any beautiful woman would like to get that kind of opportunity. But what awaits women whose ignorance about the industry is exploited can be even worse than empty promises. Some start by having sex with their managers. They do this because they want their way out there where they believe they belong, but they soon find out that they won’t be earning anything until they start modeling for live cams. Sex is one of the great powers that can get you the world, but if you’re not careful, it is a power that can also turn against you. Many webcam recruiters get candidates from social media websites such as Facebook and Tagged. Some pose modeling job ads on career websites, and some pick candidates from the streets. Those who are fake will always employ lies to lure suitable candidates for the industry. You will need to be very vigilant if you do not want to fall prey to scams.
Before you apply to work as a live cam model, it is important to do your research. You can read mycams review to get an idea about cam sites. Find out Why We Love MyCams – Results Of Review would tell you why werecommended mycams cam site. If you want, you may start by checking reviews of webcam companies with the highest live cam ratings; make sure that they can offer you a job in the kind of modeling you are interested in. There are companies that allow you to work from home as a model, without the need to be in contact with others, especially if you’re not into pornography. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you’re made to have feature on a porn movie just because a great sales opportunity presents itself and your manager or director is hot about grabbing it. You may also want to run a check on the companies offering modeling jobs before tendering your application to them. This way, you’ll be able to detect and avoid live cam job scams. If you’re upfront, and communicate your needs properly, you’ll definitely have no problem finding the right agency to endorse you to the right client.

10 Exercises To Prepare You For Bikini Season

Everyone wants to have a great body in time for the swimsuit season. If your body isn’t ready for a bikini, you have to sweat it out and perform the right exercises. Here are 10 exercises that can help you get in shape for summer.

1. Basic crunches

With knees bent, lie down on the floor. Put arms behind the head and feet on the ground. Face up and slowly lift your shoulder off the floor. The exercise tones your entire abdomen.

2. Basic sit-ups

Lie down on the floor, cross your arms and put it over your chest, place your hands on opposite shoulders. Lift your head and shoulder up to your knees. The exercise creates tension on the muscles in your legs and abdomen.

3. Ball crunches

It is similar to a basic crunch but you have to place an exercise ball beneath your back. The exercise puts greater tension on your abdomen as the surface is unstable.

4. Leg raise

While lying on a bench, raise your legs up in the air. Lower it slowly until they’re on the floor. Raise your legs again. Hold onto the bench while doing this. The routine focuses on your lower abdominal muscles.

5. Bicycle

With back on the floor or mat and hands behind your head, put your knees above the chest and lift your shoulders. As you straighten your left leg, bring your left elbow towards the right knee. Switch sides. The motion works on your obliques as well as your front and lower midsection.

6. Roll outs

Kneel on the floor or mat. With arms straight out, grab a barbell with (5 pounds) plates on every side. Roll the barbell out and roll it in. This extends your rib cage and works your midsection. It is an excellent way to improve upper body strength.

7. Lateral flexions with the use of a dumbbell

With dumbbell in one hand, stand straight with feet apart. Take your other hand and put it behind your head with elbow out to your side. Stretch that side up, so your hand with the dumbbell moves down in a single movement. Bring your elbow back and stretch it down. This movement brings the dumbbell up. Switch sides. The exercise focuses on your oblique muscles.

The Best And Worst Exercises

The Best And Worst Exercises

8. Isometric plank

Keep your legs straight and prop yourself on your forearms. Your body should be parallel to the floor. Your whole body should be aligned and form a straight line. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. The position strengthens your lower and upper body. It also creates tension in your entire abdomen.

9. Torso twist

Stand with feet apart. Put a body bar or a stick across your back. Twist your body from right to left. This exercise looks easy, but it will surely give you and your lower oblique a good workout.

10. Hip thrust

Lie on your side. Support your head with your arm. Keep your feet together and lift your legs slowly. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Move to the other side and do the same action again.

Is the Hip Thrust Dangerous?

Is the Hip Thrust Dangerous?

These exercises can be done at home. All you need is motivation. With hard work and persistence, your body will surely be ready for the swimsuit season.

Establishing the Savviest from iPad, MS and Android Tablet Devices

The New Technological Era

With the changes in the face of technology, there have been marked improvements and a healthy competition following the invention of three top notch devices, the android OS, Microsoft Surface and IPad. Therefore, we are going to look at their distinctions in efforts to establish the best.

Exploring the Scope of Android, MS Surface and iPad

The iPad, and especially Apple, has managed to put forward a strong visage which has given Microsoft Surface a hard time to crack. This is despite the efforts made by MS to do so with its interesting and enticingly captivating new spanking platform and design. However, for android, it has not fallen out of chance as testified by some great users. The users cite that android OS is a competitive ingredient in both platforms and its beauty can be matched to that of the iPad.

Design, where is the Credit?

Without a shadow of doubt, all the above devices have sported distinctive and unique designs as compared to the old style designs which seemed to be carriers of the distortion coming along repetitive and recycled designs. However, with that kind of improvement, we cannot help but fall for the iconic iPad design. This is because the device, unlike Android and Microsoft Surface, features varying and versatile premium elements that serve to nourish its entire construction, both the hardware and the software.

There was a story on NPR this week about tablet computers being the next

There was a story on NPR this week about tablet computers being the next

Besides being the lightest and the most skinny of tablets, iPad has added another jolt of profitability with the exudation of its ultimate premium feel and taste due to a highly polished aluminum back case. But why not Microsoft Surface? A question is rattled by many. Well, although the MS entails a compact and a significant appeal, it goes without saying that its bulky size limits the ability to handle and move comfortably. With such merits and drawbacks, it is no bias a judgment to say that iPad gives MS a run and a ten nil score following design criterion. So, does this mean that MS and Android are still lagging in display? Let’s find out.

Exploring the Scope of Display

This is where the comparison grows wilder and more interesting. With android and MS having greater and more adjustable stunningly display, it seems that Apple has to do something to gain a ‘total’ front in the market, this is simply because taking a gander at the android and MS Surface pro’s 10.6-inch 1920 by 1080 display depicted by its LCD, there is a slight competition from iPad’s 9.7 inch which displays a 1536 by 2048 IPS.

All in all, the tablet will be

All in all, the tablet will be

Other Enticing Features

With other features like the external storage and screen capture, it is true that upon a closer inspection, all the devices, android, MS and iPad dominate with one shot screen captures and micro SD slots which can read from varying forms of formats, that is the Ext 3, FAT 32 and Ext 4. Here you will realize that there is no much competition as noted from other fields like accessibility, multitasking and multi-touching. Although the latter criterion of multi touch can be credited mostly to MS and iPad, it is true that android has not failed only that the screen tends to grow less sensitive within a short period of time, and especially in models like LG and other China made accessories. You can now make your buy based on these distinguishable fine details provided in the devices’ fronts.

Top 5 Tips For Striking Up A Conversation In A Bar

When spending a night out in the bar, you might notice that beautiful lady sitting on the side that captures your attention. So how can you approach her to strike up a conversation while minimizing the risk of getting rejected? Believe it or not, attracting women in bars is no blind chance. By following smart and strategic tips and ideas, you can easily attract their attention and keep her interested to talk to you.

The fact is, although you may see plenty of attractive girls in a bar at any given time, it is one of the most challenging places to approach women and strike a conversation that keeps their interest. Because bars are a popular place for single men to hang out and hit on women all night long. For this reason, women usually have their guards up when they notice a guy is approaching them.

But the good news is, when you know some of the most effective techniques to ignite a woman’s attention and build some kind of rapport at quickly as possible (usually 3 minutes into the conversation), you can easily get the green light from the women and enjoy a long exciting conversion with them tonight, and perhaps plenty more.

Top 5 Tips for Striking Up a Conversation in A Bar

1. Start with a catchy conversations starter that surprises her.

Attractive women are approached by guys all the time. So in order to stand out from the crowd, your first few words need to be creative, unique, and somewhat funny.

2. Spark her interest by sharing surprising facts or ideas that captures her attention and positions you as a unique individual she is curious to know more.

Striking up a conversation

Striking up a conversation

3. Silent is sexy. Talking too much is a certain turn-off.

This rule is probably one of the most important tips when it comes to approaching women and striking up conversations in the bar. Since most guys talk too much when they are nervous, you can instantly stand out from the rest by keeping some mysterious silence every once in a while. Then you will notice she will be the one going the extra mile to fill that silence by asking a question or sharing her opinion.

4. Don’t buy her a drink.

I know buying drinks for women is the basic move men usually make in order to get a chance to strike up a conversation with her. But this is actually one of the biggest mistakes men make that can actually kill the attraction right from the start. By buying her a drink, you imply you are already aware you are not interesting enough for her to talk to you naturally. So you are somehow “bribing” her to feel guilty and spare a few minutes of her time.

So keep your confidence and approach her with a creative and surprising conversation starter as mentioned in the tips above, and you will have a much better chance of attracting her interest, rather than by just buying her a drink.

5. Give her a compliment that also sounds like an insult.

Now this is a smart trick that almost always works. You should simply find something genuine you can compliment her about, but choose your wording in a strategic way that also could imply a mild and funny insult. This establishes the feeling that you are into her, but also not too desperate and still have your confident and cocky attitude. Women find this sexy, and usually find the urge to reply and defend themselves, which is a great way to keep the conversation going.

He's actually picked up a lot

He’s actually picked up a lot

Using the above five creative conversation techniques and ideas, you can easily strike up a conversation with an attractive woman at the bar – while sparking her interest and keeping her glued to the conversation, without even realizing why.

5 Simple Ways To Handle A Nasty Boss

Getting a job is not easy, but keeping your job is even harder. In your mind, you may have done everything right, but at the end of the day, your boss is just plain mean. We have all had our share of bad bosses and quitting your job may not always be an option that’s open to you. That’s why it’s important that you approach dealing with your boss with caution and try some of the ways outlined below.

Be careful with your response

When faced with an angry boss, it is only human nature to want to be mean or rude back. However, if you are on the bottom of the corporate ladder, you know that you want to keep your job. It is important that instead of yelling back at your boss or getting angry, respond with utmost care and use a calm tone of voice. If your boss is accusing you of something, provide the data that works in your favor to calm his or her nerves.

Try to learn from the encounters

You may not have thought you have done anything wrong to deserve the tone of voice you got. However, keep in mind that your job hangs in the balance and you not only need to work, but also keep your boss happy. Instead of creating more trouble in the future, try to learn from your past boss encounters. What made your boss angry? How can you prevent future anger outbreaks?

How To Deal With A Difficult

How To Deal With A Difficult

Get ready with a network of your own

In the off chance that you may indeed get fired, you need to have backup. Finding another job is hard if you don’t know anyone else in the industry. The job you currently have may not last a lifetime, especially with the boss you currently have to deal with. Keep your options open by expanding your network of known people. Get out and socialize at job fairs, hang out with other people in the same industry, and remain active in local community affairs.

Have ready evidence for confrontation

Your boss may feel like he or she is at the top of the world, but you need to have evidence to back up your own claims. If push comes to shove, you need to be able to prove that your boss isn’t telling the truth. For example, if your boss claims you haven’t submitted your work in on time; keep a computer log of all of the work you’ve submitted. Make sure you keep proof of actually submitting the work on the required date. This way, when you are confronted, you have evidence to back up your claims.

Be clear on what your job is

Instead of guessing as to what is expected of you, confront your boss about it. It is important that you know what the standards are for your job and how you can meet them. If you’re unsure as to what you’re supposed to be doing that can easily create a rift between you and your boss.

Is your job your perfect work

Is your job your perfect work

Dealing with someone mean and nasty is not an easy task. More than once, you’ve probably had your patience tried to its fullest extent. Instead of getting fired and not finding a better job later on, try to use some of these methods to cope with the boss you have right now.